Sabala NGO

Sabala NGO

SABALA is a non-profit development initiatives established in 1986 and since then has been working for the development of rural community (Dalits, Devadasis, Lambanis, Shepherds and minority) with special focus on women empowerment.

Sabala aims to empower the women and marginalized communities to have access to sustainable economic, social, political, cultural and educational development in rural areas. Keeping this in mind, Sabala has started organizing people’s organization that should be owned, controlled and managed by them. Sabala has given more focus on creating alternative employment opportunities by identifying and developing traditional skills, capacity building, forward and backward linkages.

Sabala’s business wing, Sabala Handicrafts that has always worked on ethical path got itself as certified as Fair Trade Organization in 2006 Fair Trade Forum India and in 2016 by World Fair Trade Organization. Mrs. Mallamma Yalawar CEO, SABALA has been actively participating in the network and has served the organization as treasurer for 4 years and now is the treasurer of World Fair Trade Organization- Asia.

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