Sabala Family

Sabala Family

Sabala NGO

Sabala, a non profit organization was founded by Dr. Mallamma Yalawar in 1986 with an objective of women empowerment in the region on Vijayapura (Bijapur).

Over a period of 35 years, Sabala has impacted lives of over 50,000 people and has been recognized at national and international level for its contribution.

Sabala Handicrafts

Sabala Handicrafts came into existence in 1998 for generating livelihood for economically disadvantaged women. What started as a project has become a self suitable social enterprise supporting over 230 artisans.

Today, Sabala Handicrafts exports to over 15 countries and is able to add more women every year to its team.

Sabala Handicrafts has been recognized by WFTO for its fair and ethical practices and is a Guaranteed World Fair Trade Organization member.

Buy Fair, Be Fair

Sabala Heritage Home

Sabala has taken up the initiative of Sabala Heritage Home in the ancient city of Bijapur to deliver a unique experience of a fine blend between the Banjara and North-Karnataka Tradition. The city is known for the legacy of the Mughal Architecture, which increasingly attracts visitors. Sabala Heritage Home provides a rich and authentic cultural experience in a clean and comfortable environment. It is situated in the outskirts of the city in a quiet area with nice views over the peaceful countryside. If the guests want to learn about Banjara Art and the role of Sabala Organization they can participate in various activities.

Chaitanya Mahila Sahakari Bank

Back in 1995 when women were barely seen as customers by the banks, they had nowhere to go Dr. Mallamma Yalawar setup the district first women’s bank.

The bank is licensed by the Reserve Bank of India and has about 10,000 women members. The bank was established to provide financial facilities to women who otherwise would not have access and has resulted the ability for women obtain financial freedom. The bank has established four branches in addition to the head office in Bijapur. The 50,000 customers contribute to a turnover of 500 cores, the Share Capital makes 2.3 cores.

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