Craft History

Craft History

Lambani Embroidery

India is a land of cultural diversity where a lot has been contributed to the national heritage by schedule castes and tribes through their culture and unique styles of performing certain jobs. One such underprivileged community is – The ‘Lambani community’. The community is historically
nomadic and hence called ‘Banjara’s’ which is derived from the Sanskrit word “Vana Chara”, meaning wanderers of the jungle. They are known differently in different parts of the country, as Vanjari, Lambada, Lambani and Labban.
Much of their history is still a mystery, but the Banjara or Lambani tribe is believed to have descended from the Roma gypsies of Europe who travelled across the rugged mountains of Afghanistan into the deserts of Rajasthan in north India thousands of years ago before migrating down into the country’s southern states. They are primarily Hindu-Animists with their own gods and goddesses, festivals and worship practices. Music, dance and storytelling remain central to their culture, as do their fine textiles made from natural materials and dyes. Theirs is a distinctive style of dressing characterised by vibrant colours, ornate embroidery and range of

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